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27 Nov 2018 04:30

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<p>THERESA Might last night ordered Britain’s spies into a world struggle with Russia’s shadowy GRU after declaring it mounted the Salisbury outrage. Hours after police named two suspects for the sickening nerve agent homicide try, the PM stunned MPs by happening to reveal they have been serving officers from the country’s navy intelligence agency. The findings are the product of a painstaking six-month investigation by the UK’s spy chiefs, run alongside the police’s criminal probe, the PM disclosed.</p>

<p>It concluded the assassination try on Sergei and Yulia Skripal was a state-ordered hit. And she also pointed the finger firmly at Russia’s President Vladimir Putin for signing it off. Delivering the shock findings to a hushed House of Commons, Mrs Could insisted: “This was not a rogue operation. “It was nearly actually also permitted outside the GRU at a senior level of the Russian state”.</p>

<p>The shocking development means Britain should considerably step up its struggle within the shadows with the GRU, and throughout the globe, the PM additionally insisted - signalling the spy service is now Public Enemy No1. She added: “We know that the GRU has performed a key half in malign Russian activity in recent years. “And immediately now we have exposed their position behind the despicable chemical weapons attack on the streets of Salisbury.</p>

<p>Vowing steely revenge, Mrs May added: “We must now step up our collective efforts, specifically in opposition to the GRU. Senior Whitehall sources revealed that meant a full blown offensive to smash the GRU’s energy and activities by both overt and covert actions. While officials will counter the spy service’s black propaganda open releases across traditional and social media, MI6 and GCHQ will enhance their clandestine operations towards it. That can include missions sabotage their capabilities, expose and embarrass the GRU’s agent networks, and cyber attacks to cripple its on-line activities. Asset freezes and journey bans for senior GRU officers are deliberate.</p>
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<p>And Britain has additionally called a particular United Nations Safety Council assembly for in the present day in a bid to heap embarrassment on Moscow. Charlie, 45, whose partner Dawn Sturgess died after inhaling the nerve agent hidden in a perfume bottle, saw the news on Television in his Salisbury Hospital bed. After listening to the suspects’ identities had been revealed, he stated: “It’s good they know who they are.</p>

<p>“I want justice for Dawn. Now we need to catch them.” His brother Matthew, 47, said: “It’s terrible that we can’t hold them on homicide costs. A senior security source stated: “They’re going to have pay a cost for what they’ve executed. The two officers - working beneath the aliases Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov - are suspected of working for the GRU’s Spetsnaz wing. That means ‘Special Purpose’, the wing perform its dangerous missions overseas. On prime of foreign assassinations - generally known as ‘wet jobs’ - they also give covert help to militant teams, and run proxy armies in warzones equivalent to Ukraine and Syria.</p>

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